3 key differences between leadership and management

To your employees, you might be considered the person enforcing all the rules. You oversee all of your employees' activities-telling them where to be, what to do at each job, and following up. However, do your employees know you beyond your title?

In order for them to see you as more than a manager, it is important to connect with your employees. By following these tips, you will learn how to be a well-respected boss vs. the boss from hell.

1) Take an interest in your employees

If you are interested in getting to know your employees, they are interested in getting to know you. Building a relationship beyond employee-manager allows you to better connect with your employees. Therefore, your employees will consider you more approachable, less intimidating, and someone who deserves respect.

2) Lead by example

Most employees aspire to move up in ranks, so they look to management as an example of what they should do. You are held to a higher degree of responsibility in both your professional and personal lives. Lead the way for your staff and show them how to be an exemplary worker.

3) Make work enjoyable for your employees

Even if you don't blatantly say it, you want your employees to have fun at their jobs! Establishing a strong company culture is an important aspect to running a smooth business. If your employees enjoy working, they will respect you as a boss and therefore produce better work. It's amazing how a little fun can really liven up the workplace for everyone.

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