How S.A.L.E.S. are you?

In sales, it's important to be S.A.L.E.S., or smart, ambitious, lenient, eager, and sincere. Evoke these traits and make the most of your performance.

Be Smart

Make decisions based on what's best for both your company and your customer. Think in situational terms. Train your employees to the best of your ability. Challenge them. Challenge yourself. Think about how you can improve all facets of your business.

Be Ambitious

It's about taking risks and doing what other business owners are too scared to do. Fortune favors the bold, my friends.

Be Lenient

Deal with less than friendly customers in a respectable manner. Make the complaint process easy, and offer a discount or free service on the return call. It's your responsibility to make hard or awkward situations comfortable.

Be Eager

You should want to be doing what you are doing. People who love what they do tend to perform better. If the customer can see that eagerness, they will be more likely to use your services again and again.

Be Sincere

Your customers won't respect you if you aren't being honest with them. Always provide them with full information, in a language that they can understand. This doesn't mean talking down to them - just put it into simpler terms, and really mean what you say.

When it comes to sales, these traits will ensure a better relationship with your customers. An ideal technician is one who is characterized by all five.

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