How the Family Business Could Hurt Your Sales

When your HVAC business is part of the family, some habits may start to form that could be detrimental to your day-to-day operations.

Here are some top family business bad habits and how to shake them up:

1. The family vs. the others
Favoritism around the office is no stranger to family businesses. Make it a point to treat all employees equally by placing them in appropriate positions, delegating tasks evenly, and most importantly - leaving your personal lives at home.

2. Lack of training
In fact, this may be the most critical component to a successful family business. The co-owner may have been learning about air conditioners since he was in a diaper, but that shouldn't discount the value of continued education in leadership, new solar options, or customer service.

3. Failing in the details
Complacency is easy to fall into when you feel like your business is all you know. Break the cycle of forgetting to thank the customer, leaving the service truck dirty, or failing to file paperwork correctly - and hold each other accountable.

All the above could be hurting your sales. Shake off these bad habits with regular sales training and incentivizing employees.

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