How the GPS and technicians go hand in hand

The GPS is playing a pivotal role in HVAC right now. It's shortening travel times, making customers happier, and helping business owners eliminate wasted time.

The other side? It can also be temptingly used to track extended lunch breaks, stops at the bar, long weekend drives, and other unruly technician behavior. But, business owners need not micromanage! It will make your employees unhappy - I guarantee it.

Here are a few words of wisdom from those that have been there and done that. This is how they feel about abusing your power with the GPS.

"Trust your technicians."
Patrick Peterson for The Smart Van
Patrick preaches that if your technicians are crawling into 100-degree attics, they deserve an extra 15 minutes of lunch. If they were speeding 30 miles over the limit, then it's time to call them out. Use your best judgment.

Patrick also notes that business owners need to take time to let technicians know that the GPS is for efficiency, not solely to watch them.

"No need to baby or nag."
Steve Bez, commenter on The Smart Van
Steve says you need to let your service technicians be free so they can be happy. They'll respect you for it, too.

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