How to Attract Talent


Training is a huge component for success in this industry. When hiring new technicians, you no doubt have a checklist of the skills they should possess, and which are "must-haves" versus "trainable." Finding the right fit can be hard, but as an employer, you need to know how to recruit employees that will become the foundation of your team. Here are the two main applicants you'll likely find in the hiring process.

Applicants new to the industry

You might feel discouraged because this applicant is still "green," but what other qualities do they have? If you have someone with enthusiasm for the job, good communication skills, and strong references, you might have someone who will be a long-term winner for you. You can train someone with these attributes and they will prove themselves in the work they do and the way they jump at the opportunities available to them for improvement. You cannot teach a strong work ethic, but you can recognize it even when a career is just starting out.

Applicants who have been in the business for years

You might think this applicant will have everything on your list - and some will - but look closer. You wouldn't ask the same questions of an experienced tech that you would of an inexperienced one, and you shouldn't interview them same way, either. Review their employment history thoroughly and address their previous training. You'll want to have something to offer them that will make them want to bring their experience to your business. You will also want to be sure that a strong work ethic is present, and that that they aren't relying on experience over proven training like HVAC Learning Solutions' in-person and online classes.

The best way to recruit is to be up front about your needs, open-minded to new talent that might trump years of experience, and on the lookout for experienced applicants who could add great experience to your business. Asking the right questions, varying your approach, and knowing what intangibles to look for can help you build a solid team.

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