How to be productive in your downtime


Every technician has moments of downtime, whether it's because of a break between service calls, a slow day in the off-season, or a customer who hasn't made it home yet. While it can be tempting to enjoy the lack of activity, you should utilize that time to keep your day productive and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Here are five ways you can make the best of your downtime to benefit yourself and your company:

  • Online training - HVAC Learning Solutions offers virtual courses and webinars that focus on a variety of topics, from sharpening your technical skills to learning successful sales and marketing techniques.
  • Pre-call planning - Make sure you're completely prepared for your next appointment by talking with your peers about the service at hand, confirming the date with the customer, and doing some research on the customer's address and home layout.
  • Databases - Spend some time checking your inventory and logging customer data to ensure all of your information is updated and accurate.
  • Social media - While you wait, discover HVAC accounts or influential people to follow online and read up on new government standards, HVAC hot topics, and industry tips and tricks.
  • Communication - Start a conversation with your peers in other departments about what they're seeing in their segment of the industry to know everything you can about the field. Additionally, having a good relationship with your Comfort Advisors can make a huge difference in how well you handle the customer experience.

These productive ideas will keep you constantly prepared for any task and save you from wasting valuable time on the job.

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