How to create the perfect sales environment

In an ideal world, the customer pays the asking price and is still completely satisfied with the experience. However, this isn't always the case. In reality, customers may be confused about costs and not willing to pay the price needed to solve the problem.

As HVAC salespeople and technicians, it's our job to try to create the most ideal selling scenario to make customers want to buy. In other words, control the environment. Do this by controlling human senses. How can you apply human senses to the customer experience? Simple.


Presentation and first impressions are huge factors in any process, not just sales. While it's not always easy in this industry, arriving to an appointment in clean work attire is ideal. Your customer will see your business as a credible and professional. It's also crucial to maintain your work truck, keeping it as clean and organized as possible.


What objects will the customer potentially come into contact with throughout the transaction? A clipboard, pen, papers, or maybe even the HVAC unit itself. Make sure to properly maintain your supplies. Replace them once or twice a year. A leaky pen, wrinkled papers and chipped clipboard don't represent your business in the best way.


Simple adjustments make all the difference when it comes to smell. Keep mints and gum handy, always have an air freshener in your truck, and regularly clean your equipment and tools. It may be difficult if you're on the road a lot, but don't let food sit in your vehicle for too long.


From the tone of your voice to the radio playing in the background, everything the customer hears affects their experience. Try to control what you can. Always have a genuine, kind tone with your customer. Don't play offensive or loud music.

What else could be done to create the best possible work environment?

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