How to dress for the sale (and what not to wear)

Dress properly for an HVAC sale and you win half the battle. Wear unprofessional clothing, and you've lost before you even open your mouth. Here's every salesperson's guide to dressing just right for the residential call.

Ditch the: jeans
Opt for: slacks
You're not a service technician, digging deep into a home's crevices, so don't dress like one.

Ditch the: t-shirt
Opt for: company shirt, or polo with nametag
Aside from your smiling face, that shirt is one of the first items a customer sees and it should be clean and ironed. Don't have a great company button-down or polo? Wear your own in a company color.

Ditch the: work boots, tennis shoes
Opt for: leather shoes
Once again, you're selling a $20,000 system - look like it.

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