How to fire an HVAC employee nicely

Is it possible to fire an HVAC employee and do so nicely? Dare I say-raise morale in the process? Absolutely.

Here are a few tips thanks to

1. Distinguish between bad work and bad people.

Disclaimer: if the employee is leaving because of detrimental actions, there is probably not a nice way to fire that person. But chances are, the majority of your employees aren't purposely under-performing. Be sure that you mentally separate the work from the person.

2. Begin with a goal-oriented discussion.

Sometimes it's that his or her goals simply don't align with the company's anymore. Not only will this discussion help you determine what the person really wants to do in his or her future, but it'll help that person feel like they're receiving a fair assessment.

3. Treat the employee with respect.

Most employees don't deserve a shameful exit - treat it with care and it could actually raise morale (really!). It sends that message to your remaining employees that hard workers will be treated well, no matter the circumstances.

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