How to get accustomed to a new company

Throughout your career, you will most likely move cities. You will carve new routines, meet new people and be forced to make the unfamiliar familiar again. When your job is on the line, it's important to make adjustments-and fast. Here are my tips for adapting and succeeding.

Go early

You want to give yourself enough time to learn the layout of the office and introduce yourself to fellow peers-not to mention arriving early is a great first impression.

Set up

Establish a presence in the office through your work area. Personalize it. Add a photo of your family, or other unique item that makes you feel like you belong there.

Get acquainted

Talk to the receptionist, coworkers, managers and owners. Be forward in introducing yourself to new people. They will admire your braveness and it will break the ice faster. Even if talking to the higher management seems intimidating, you've obviously impressed them enough to get the job-now act on it.

Don't assume

Every office environment has its own way of showing "newbie's" how things work. It's best to watch and observe, before acting. There may be a certain shelf, chair, or parking spot that is reserved for only a few staffers. Don't start off on the wrong foot by assuming anything and everything in the office is available to you.

Solicit Feedback

One of the most important steps of any new endeavor is to ask for feedback. How is your performance? Is it where your manager thought it would be? How does it stack up compared to your coworkers'? Where can you improve? You'll grow as an employee with a new perspective of knowledge, as well gain respect from management.

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