How to give effective workplace feedback

Giving feedback internally at your HVAC company is vital to overall success and employee retention. Your coworkers want to feel important and involved, but feedback can get tricky.

Here are some smart tips from's "Evil HR Lady" on working together more effectively:

  1. Know what you're talking about. If you're new to the company, research as much as you can so that your suggestions better fit the company's mission or resources.
  2. Be positive. Go out of your way to emphasize the positive aspects of the change you're suggesting. Genuine compliments will take you a long way when trying to steer the conversation in your favor.
  3. Take initiative. Implement your ideas and track progress. If the idea is bigger than just you, present a comprehensive business plan to your supervisor.
  4. Accept feedback. Arm yourself with subsequent questions and activate listening skills. Your project can be made better by other minds. (Note: If your supervisor gives you feedback, definitely implement those suggestions.)
  5. Be realisitic. You aren't the ultimate decision maker, and just as well you shouldn't expect your ideas to fly every time.

Feedback makes your HVAC business go round, similarly to feedback from customers. Use it effectively and with a healthy attitude.

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