How to give the best HVAC customer service

Your HVAC customers aren't paying for bad service, so they shouldn't receive bad service. Resist the urge to cut corners in your installation, repairs, and routine maintenance. Cutting corners could cost you customers, more work than anticipated, and can give your business a bad name. After all, it only takes one dissatisfied customer to ruin a reputation.

Here are some tips on doing it right the first time:

Bring proper tools

Keep your service truck equipped with all the correct tools you'll need for your job that day. Even a quick 5-minute inventory of supplies can save you time and decrease the likelihood of having to schedule additional visits to the customer.


Before beginning tasks that you were called to do, investigate the issue further. Talk to the customer and inspect their unique system. Get to know what the current problem is, past issues, and potential future pitfalls. All of this will aid you in creating a specified plan of action for that customer and build loyalty. See a problem that stumps you? Call for backup or reschedule.


Once you know how to assess the problem, be transparent with the customer. Let them know exactly how you're going to treat the problem, what they should expect, and schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

Follow this protocol and HVAC customers will be thanking you and your business will flourish.

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