How to make customers of all ages happy

By now you know the importance of customer service and how it paves the way for long-lasting business success. You may have also learned along the way that not all customers are created equal-your service should be dependent on your customer. Each individual has different ways of interpreting information and reacting to situations.

Forget words like Gen X, Y, Z and Baby Boomers-I'm putting it into terms you will know and understand.

Teens and young adults (ages 16-22)

While this generation doesn't make up the decision maker of the home, they may answer the door for an appointment or be your temporary transaction person. If your millennial customers have looked up from their phones long enough to engage in a conversation with you, take advantage while you can! This digitally inclined generation may have a significantly shorter attention span, but they're quick-paced and full of knowledge, with so many news and media outlets at their fingertips.

How to make them happy:

  • Give them a small amount of info in a short amount of time. Bite sized, need-to-know information that can be heard and processed as easily as a 140-character tweet.
  • Reference pop culture related news for small talk. Not sure what to mention? The Kardashians are always a safe bet.

The newlywed years (23-30)

Happy, in love, and likely broke. They're still in the honeymoon phase and small, imperfect bumps in the road, like house maintenance, may be overwhelming for this age group of new homeowners.

How to make them happy

  • If your transaction is with the husband, always ask him if he's considered his wife's preferences before making any purchase decisions. Men are tempted to buy the biggest and best, and often without consulting their better half. Save yourself an angry call from the bride by double-checking with the groom.

Young families (31-44)

This set of adults has most likely started to add eggs to their nest. Make sure to arrive promptly to appointments scheduled with this age group because they're probably squeezing precious time between piano lessons and PTA meetings.

How to make them happy

  • Consider their kids and pets. As you know, HVAC units run differently when little kids and animals are involved. Be proactive about not only the solution they need now, but also predict when they'll need an HVAC-related change in the future.
  • Bring some sugar-free candy for their little ones. They'll always look forward to your visits.

Middle aged adults (45-59)

These experienced consumers have dealt with all types of home issues by now. They'll most likely be familiar with HVAC jargon and better understand their predicament.

How to make them happy

  • This no-fuss-no-muss age group will most likely want to be explained in detail their situation and the solution. They're likely to use Google to investigate the matter more. Take this opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge and HVAC skill-level.

Golden-year adults (60+)

Like middle-aged adults, this isn't their first rodeo with house-maintenance and upkeep.

How to make them happy

  • Acknowledge that they may understand how their home functions and how their AC unit runs better than you. They're likely in need of an updated system, so have new and improved options on hand for potential upgrade needs.

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