How to 'make it right' with customer service

Great customer service doesn't necessarily mean being perfect. If anything, your HVAC customers demand honesty, hard work, and the decency to "make it right."

So, don't sweat it. Go in with the right attitude the first time, expect to make (some) mistakes, and keep the customer top-of-mind.

Here are a few tips from customer service experts on how to fix a customer wrong:

Communicate Well
Technical support. Website. Availability. Blogging. Make sure your customer knows that you're there to help - even if you've messed up. Want to provide excellent customer service? Go above and beyond with your communications so that your customer won't have to lift a finger.

Give an Action Plan
"Sorry" is not enough. Customers want to know that you're going to make it right. Always have a backup plan when service goes awry and have standard additional offerings, such as waiving technician travel fees or a free whole-home estimate.

Define Your Company
Could the problem really lie in your service offerings? If you aren't trained well to do a particular task, you probably shouldn't offer it. Narrow down and define your company's purpose and only communicate those specific offerings.

For the services you can't perform, partner with another HVAC company (non-competitor) and refer your customers.

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