How to Quickly Book Revenue in 2012

In between the lulls of the holiday season, generating revenue and building a larger customer base can seem challenging. Here are our top three ways to generate revenue from Entrepreneur magazine.

  1. Incentives: Aside from the holiday deals and bundles you might offer, give your customers incentives to make payments now rather than waiting until after the holidays are over. Offering small, time-sensitive discounts can motivate your customer in making quicker payments and purchases.
  2. Smart price points: Going along with your pre-season incentives, make sure your price point is close to your competition's. You definitely don't want to be significantly lower than your competitors' value, but make sure you are neck-and-neck with the added bonus of great customer service. This will make you and your company stand out above the rest.
  3. Networking ideas: Research what similar companies are promoting for their year-end sales. Get creative and brainstorm ways to gain customers through various social media outlets so your new year can start bright. And don't forget about networking on a personal level. Someone may know someone who is looking for exactly what your business is offering.

What are some creative ways you book revenue during the holidays?

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