How to reward HVAC salespeople

Your best HVAC salesperson just made the biggest sale of the season, thanks to his or her efforts, sales support from you, and all the tools that backed the presentation. But how do you keep propelling this person forward?

What motivates your best employees is one of the hardest things to figure out. Here are a few tips for keeping that momentum going:

Short-term perks
Steak dinners, an afternoon at the driving range, or a personal day are all great ways to incentivize your sales team. Though approach with caution and use sparingly - they won't be special if every sale equals an instant reward. HVAC salespeople work hard to gain prospects, so even a great lead should be rewarded. Short-term perks are perfect for this type of accomplishment.

Public and quiet praise
Whether through your own channels or a third-party like NATE or your Territory Manager, public praise is always appreciated by salespeople - especially for the big sales that deserve to be shouted from the rooftops ($20,000 for a solar sale, anyone?) Have a modest salesperson? Sometimes a simple "thank you" note or gift card to their favorite coffee shop are small, but simple ways to give praise that isn't too out-of-proportion.

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