How to say "no" nicely

As hard workers, do we really know when is the right time to say "no?" A work-life balance is extremely important to our overall productivity at work, so knowing how to exercise this answer is integral.

Most people are worried that saying no will make others perceive them as lazy, negative, or arrogant. But if you have handled the situation correctly, saying "no" doesn't have to be about negativity, but instead, about finding a solution that doesn't involve you.

Offer a solution

Instead of simply saying "no" when a colleague asks something of you, offer them a brief explanation (not a long-winded excuse!) about why you can't help out. There are so many hours in the day - you need to devote time to the things at the top of your to-do list, not every single project that comes across your desk. You should also offer an alternative solution to the dilemma, just one that doesn't involve you.

What is a prime example of a situation where you should say "no" at work?

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