How to Shake Up Longtime Employees

Longtime employees may be your most reliable technicians, managers, or salespeople, but they may be lacking the training needed to survive in today's market. Knowledge and experience just aren't the same thing.

While the newest employees lack experience, they have an abundance of new training under their belt. On the other hand, your longest-standing technician or salesperson (perhaps they're a family member at a family-operated HVAC businesses) has 20+ years of experience, but lacks the current knowledge.

It's important to:

Understand multigenerational challenges
Different generations manage different expectations and work habits. So before passing judgment on the Generation X-er, realize that he or she may not like being micro-managed and want a voice in the company. (Don't know who you're dealing with? Read our previous blog on multigenerational challenges.

Explain why technology isn't a fad
Technology - user-generated media, tablets, handheld computers - is here to stay. Intimidated? It's easy to use, too. Train those experienced technicians to use simple tools on the computer (like the Learning Management System) to start off, then move up to specialized tablet training.

Realize when growth isn't top-of-mind
When your most loyal employee is the most resistant to the changing HVAC field, it's time to re-evaluate his or her stake in the company. If your goals are more progressive, consider like-minded employees to help you execute those goals.

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