How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I want you to throw this phrase out of your vocabulary:

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

You can. It's been done. You need to do it too.

Innovation is what drives our economy, and, in business, it's what pushes you ahead of your competition. Even organizations that have been around for years need to adapt if they want to survive.

Learning new tricks isn't hard.

Read, Read, Read

If you're actively visiting this blog you're already one step ahead.

Reading articles from HVAC leaders allows you to be up to date on the industry. Knowledge is power and knowing about the latest advancements in the industry is like having the hammer of Thor.

Some websites I check out are The Smart Van and ACHR News.

Jump on the training train

How do you get your dog to learn new tricks? You train.

Make sure to visit the HVAC Learning Solutions website regularly to learn about new classes and programs we're offering. We have hands-on, and online training and seminars for everyone, not just technicians.

Also the Learning Center has a schedule tutorial that we've built to ensure proper and efficient training. It will change your life.

Talk with others

How do the world's best innovators always stay on the frontier of their fields? They discuss their findings with other pioneers.

You can keep learning by conversing with other professionals in the community. Join an online message board to not only share your knowledge, but to gain from others.

Join an industry organization to make sure you're in the loop.

Attend tradeshows, conferences and seminars to expand your understanding of the field, but to also build your industry network.

We're wrapping up the Lennox Dealer Meetings, but mark your calendars for upcoming events.

How do you learn new tricks? Bark at me in the comments.