How using video in the field can benefit your HVAC business


If you're looking into ways to step up your game in 2015 - like achieving higher close rates, improving your average ticket number, or just simply introducing some new sales tactics to your arsenal - video is a great tool for sales and service alike.

So, how can you use it and how will it benefit you?

  • Video appeals to visual customers. While some of your customers will appreciate a written document outlining their new HVAC product or service, the visual customer will be appreciative of a video that goes over the same information.
  • It removes the technical jargon barrier. When you get into the nuts and bolts of the industry, technical jargon can sometimes sound like another language. Arming your techs with video can help them skip the intimidating industry verbiage, and in turn potentially save sales that would otherwise be lost to the language barrier.
  • It helps you stay on top of the technology curve. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday technicians were carrying brick-style mobile phones? Technology changes fast. Stay on top of the tech curve by pushing digital and interactive content to your customers. Not only will it help your technicians, but it will reflect well on your business.
  • Finally, it changes the customer experience. HVAC units are rarely located in a convenient place. Instead of demonstrating an install or maintenance need on location in a hot attic or a spiderweb-filled closet, you can hand the customer a tablet or mobile device so they can see the issue without leaving the living room.

From saving time to cutting down on paper waste, saving sales to staying on top of the technology curve, adding videos to your technicians' sales arsenal positively changes the entire customer experience.

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