How's My Driving?: A Crash Course

Your service vehicles are the biggest form of advertising for your company. But negative attention from a bad driver can really taint the hundreds of potential customers on the road - make sure you know how your company is being represented on the go.

Here are a few ideas on how to assess your employee's driving habits:

  • GPS: GPS units aren't just for finding your way to and from a customer's house anymore. Companies like FleetMatics help you track driving styles, driver hotspots, and route replays. Knowing which employees are better "on the road," representatives cannot only keep public opinion positive but can help gauge gas usage and potential maintenance needs for service vehicles.
  • Period reviews: When was the last time you checked out your employees driving habits? How many calls do your trucks receive a month? A quarter? A year? Break down driving reviews, tickets, and moving violations into period reviews for a literal overview of your number one advertiser.
  • How's my driving?: If your fleet features a company phone number for driver reporting - make sure that the stickers are in good condition and readable from the road. Also, check the customer service response to bad driver calls. Does the company representative handling the call sound defensive? Helpful? Does the complaint get accurately documented and turned in to management? A quick review of your driver review system can really help in accurately assessing your employees driving habits.

How do you assess driving habits?

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