HVAC business owners: becoming the expert on your turf

HVAC business owners should know a thing or two about business, but what about some basic industry know-how that falls by the wayside? Training yourself is key.

Have you found yourself managing an institution you know nothing about (i.e., inherited the position through the family business)? Fix this business management misstep with these simple steps:

Identify What You Don't Know
Imagine: You have a customer complaint about a technician's workmanship. He or she didn't install the ductwork properly. Do you know how to respond? Furthermore, do you know what kind of job your employees are doing and who your best technician is?

Research what you truly don't know about the industry. Read a helpful book, talk and network with industry peers at conventions or gatherings, and talk to your staff.

So that customer complaint is on your desk now. It's a good time to talk to your technician, get his or her feedback, and respond promptly - and perhaps have your business partner or a top-level employee look over the response for good measure.

Train For The Future
Your employees aren't the only ones who need training. Don't forget to treat yourself to a few of the same courses your employees are taking as well as basic business refresher courses. After all, you must invest in yourself before you can invest in a well-trained staff.

Still Hungry?

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