Going the Extra Mile to Make Your Customers Comfortable and Safe

As luck would have it, there are some unfortunate consumers who experience HVAC problems during the bone-chilling months of winter.

As you can imagine, homeowners can become very irritable in those circumstances, especially as the stresses of holidays are in full focus and compounded by the news they may have to pay for costly repairs or shell out several thousands of dollars to purchase a new system.

Depending on the severity of the HVAC situation or due to the lack of heat, customers may be faced with having to leave their home overnight while the system gets repaired. News like this can be aggravating. If they have young children or they’re seniors, they’ll have to pack and take lots of stuff and venture off into the cold to stay at a hotel, or with friends or relatives. This is when you need to be proactive and offer up solutions.

Here's how to prepare for the cold weather rush and always be a step ahead with stellar customer service.

Hotel vouchers: Forge relationships with local hotels. When a customer is in a situation that can't be fixed overnight, offer a night's stay at a discounted price. Families will be especially appreciative of this.

True emergency service: Stay true to your word and actually perform 24-hour emergency service. Make it easier by having a ready dispatch and technician staff..

Make following-up part of your business practice: Every customer that calls for emergency service is a potential new sale and long-term customer. Customers will appreciate that your company cared enough to follow-up after the service. Always ask about how everything is working and offer a maintenance agreement for choosing your company for emergencies.

There’s not much you can do to change the course of events or the weather for your customers, but you can go the extra mile and offer solutions to ensure their comfort and safety. You’ll be glad you did as most customers tend to remember venders and business that provided excellent service in difficult situations.

No one likes maintenance emergencies. Offering maintenance agreements is a great way to save your customers the aggravation of unforeseen HVAC issues, and help to smooth out seasonal income for your company. Our virtual instructor-led training, “Service Sales Excellence – vILT” is designed to help you communicate with customers about maintenance agreements, without being sales-y.

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