HVAC industry word replacements


Sometimes we can get caught up in HVAC jargon and end up with some blank stares from customers. Inspired by Ron Smith's book, HVAC Spells Wealth, I wanted to share some common HVAC terms and their small but impactful tweaks to impart in your business culture.

Industry term: contract

What to say instead: agreement

Contracts sound more intimidating than agreements. Why get lawyers and lawsuits involved? Keeping the terms agreeable will help ease customers' hesitations when signing.

Industry term: probation period

What to say instead: training

Many places, not just in the HVAC industry, have a probationary period of 60 or 90 days. No one wants to be on probation and feel like one wrong move will get them fired. A training period gives you and your employees the feeling of getting to know each other while they are learning.

Industry term: check

What to say instead: clean, adjust, balance

What do you mean by "check?" Will you just look at these things, or will you be doing something in addition to looking? Being clear about what action you'll take is important for service agreements so there's no confusion as to the work you'll be doing.

Industry term: helper

What to say instead: technician

Leave the helpers at preschool. Either you're working as an installer or a service technician.

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