HVAC job safety: no shortcuts allowed

HVAC job safety is very important when you're working with chemicals, electricity, and in extreme temperatures. So, are technicians truly safe on the job? Don't take shortcuts; follow this checklist by eHow.com every time.

Tools: Working with expensive and dangerous equipment, HVAC technicians should always have the right sized tools on hand. Without a variety of tools stocked in your vehicle, you may be faced with a botched job later.
Personal equipment: Always use personal safety items: heavy-duty shoes, eye protection, and thick gloves.
Safety labels: The manufacturer put warnings on the package for a reason. Follow them.
Chemicals: Avoid property damage and bodily harm by following proper procedures (especially around refrigerants).
Electrical: Before working with anything electrical, turn off all main circuit breakers.

How do you stay safe on the job?

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