HVAC licensing: How to sort out your state's requirements

HVAC licensing laws across the U.S. can get tricky - especially when your HVAC company is working across multiple states on a regular basis.

Licensing serves a purpose, though. It's meant to ensure quality contractors in your state, but the states that actually enforce these laws or have an involved testing process are few and far between.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America gives a few recommendations on sorting out the mess:


Probably the toughest state with the lengthiest passing process, California has 43 different licensing classifications, though most contractors only need a C20 license for warm-air heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

-    $400 fee
-    Exam
-    Proof of 4 years of education/experience
-    FBI background check
-    Bonded
-    Fingerprinted
-    Insured

New Jersey

In 2007, a licensing law passed, but the governor has yet to choose board members to make the actual regulations.

-    Undetermined fee
-    Employed/trained in HVAC contracting business for 5 years
-    Examination
-    5 hours of continuing education every 2 years
-    Bonded
-    Insured


Illinois could be especially difficult for a contractor who is practicing in multiple locations within the state. Some municipalities have regulations, while others don't. Several different groups have pushed to get licensing statewide or create regulatory boards, but to no avail quite yet.

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