HVAC Marketing: Finding Customers Offline

HVAC marketing can be tricky - you have to avoid casting too wide of a net while still making yourself known in the community. Go beyond advertising, and step into the world of real customer relationships that will give you long-term business.

I have a few suggestions on how to go after customers that will buy, and how to make your marketing money double your profits:

Target the right people

I'm not talking about every breathing person in your coverage area; think strategically. Areas that have older homes in need of HVAC repair or a list of people with allergies make great targets.

What makes you different?

I've heard of this company a thousand times: We're family owned and operated, offer 24-hour service, and offer same-day installation. All great qualities - but what sets you apart from the rest?

Perhaps tell an anecdote about a customer in a crunch who you helped (or better yet, let your customers refer you.) Is there something unique about your service or standards that wows the customer? Once you figure that out, tell it, preach it, and live it.

Be physically seen

Be seen in the community, that is - sponsor the local baseball team, become a partner of Habitat for Humanity (by donating a new HVAC system), or form a team for a charity run. Your future customers are usually at such events, and it provides a great networking opportunity. Plus: your team will benefit from the camaraderie.

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