Why word of mouth marketing is still relevant in HVAC

What are your customers saying about your business? Are they happy with the work you've done, or telling all their friends about their dissatisfaction with your brand? While creating a social media presence is important, word of mouth marketing can make or break your business through positively or negatively effecting your reputation.

According to a study done by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, 54% of purchases are based on word of mouth marketing. Satisfied customers are free marketers for your brand - through sharing their great experience with your company with their friends and family, they are influencing your potential clientele base.

Here are three ways you can improve your word of mouth marketing:

  1. Target people who are the leaders in your key demographic. 

    Through gaining their respect and repeat business, these satisfied customers become spokespeople for your company. While the accessibility of social media has given everybody the platform to broadcast their opinions, but it's the people who have a large following that you want to target.

  2. Keep track of what people are saying about you. 

    Address both the good and the bad - through creating a relationship with your customers you are creating loyalty to your brand and those customers are certain to suggest you for new work. Take the negative reviews of your company as constructive criticism, using them to correct the glitches within your company.

  3. Generate a buzz around your company. 

    Through being enthusiastic about the work your company is doing, and sharing it through every platform you can, you will garner the respect of your target demographic. Don't be afraid to share good news! Through tooting your own horn you'll show your customers that other people are acknowledging your good work and encourage them to do the same.

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