HVAC recruiting: Starbucks style

Employee benefits aren't the same anymore. With companies like Starbucks offering free tuition to certain colleges to even part-time workers, you should be taking notice.

No HVAC dealers that I know have the corporate Starbucks budget, but something you have in your control is the ability to entice potential HVAC recruits with benefits that can be found within your business.

Be flexible with time off

Studies show that a key driver in happiness at work for Millenials is flexibility in how much one works. It's simply no longer acceptable to deny your employees time off for family engagements, routine doctor appointments, or a day off following a particularly time-consuming project.

Let training be a regular part of the job

Once that job newness wears off, what's keeping your HVAC employees there? A promise that the job offer will guarantee that the technician or salesperson will be able to further their craft will surely move the needle. This is especially true for the people who naturally want to go above and beyond.

Wellness and bettering the community

Wellness programs and allowing for community service time will benefit both parties, and they both provide incredible advantages. For example, a bi-annual study done by Timberland says that 67% of its employees let the company's commitment to community impact their decision to work there. The halo effect isn't a bad look, either.

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