HVAC salespeople: the technician experts

Great HVAC salespeople know what they're talking about. They know how to maintain a heating and cooling system, understands pricing, and what constitutes a capable technician. They are experts.

Here are some top reasons as to why an HVAC salesperson should know technician basics:

  1. Nobody is going to buy from someone who doesn't understand the value of what they're selling. If you don't know the type of heating and cooling system a home or business will need, why would they want to buy from you?
  2. Your customer WILL have questions. Selling is all about confidence, and you should know how to answer most questions at a moment's notice.
  3. You must ask questions, too. Good technicians know which questions to ask their customers to assess needs. You'll be doing the same.
  4. Everyone wants a deal. If you don't understand that one system might be more beneficial than another price-wise, your customer could feel cheated.
  5. Salespeople need to walk the walk and talk the talk to gain any credibility in the company or with customers.

Tell us: How do you prepare yourself for a sale?

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