HVAC salesperson know-how

As an HVAC salesperson, you should know the basics of your business. Nobody wants to give an HVAC salesperson the time of day if they don't walk the walk and talk the talk.

It's not only about sales techniques and how good you are at charming the customer - it's about what you know on heating and cooling.

Know HVAC Jargon

Through research and simply being around your co-workers, it's easier to absorb. If you know the jargon, you'll better understand how the business works as well as being able to talk in simpler terms to your customer.

Shadow a Technician

Learning on-the-job and going on a few service calls per week with an experienced technician is immensely beneficial. Not only will you pick up the jargon you need, you'll learn what it takes to do their job, as well as get a chance to talk with customers.

Take Other Training Courses

While there are many training options for HVAC salespeople, like the BuildASalesperson™ workshop for Lennox dealers, it's important to go to the other side and take a few technician courses. Get to know them from all angles.

Tell us: What's one thing you know about the HVAC business that's helped you increase your sales?

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