As the HVAC tax stimulus deadline nears, how are you selling the benefits?

The HVAC tax stimulus credit means $1,500 in your customer's pocket and even more in your paycheck - that is, if your customers are willing to upgrade to an energy-efficient system by the end of 2010.

It also gets harder to stand out in a competitive HVAC market where everyone offers the same consumer incentives.

The following are a few steadfast tips from Hudson Ink in Oregon on publicizing a huge incentive for your heating and cooling company.

  • Press releases - Writing a few and sending them to various media contacts will help localize a national story ... with your heating and cooling company's name included. Be sure to make the press release's focus on the tax stimulus credit, with just a mention or quote from your company.
  • Website news section - Aside from sending out press releases, this type of content needs a home on your heating and cooling company's website. Not only will it drive up search engine results, but it's good way to let your customers know that you're relevant.
  • Create rrgency - As an HVAC salesperson, do you have a sense of urgency? If you feel the heat of the impending deadline, your customer certainly will. The terms of the tax stimulus are up to the government, and that's why it's important for them to act now and for you to hit home why upgrading must happen soon. Past tax stimulus credits have been far lower - an average of $500.

Tell us: How are you helping your customers realize the benefits?

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