HVAC tax credits are still a selling point

Tax credits haven't gone away yet, but a lot of dealers have told me that they don't think it's as big of a selling point anymore. I beg to differ, and here's why: It will put you in a better spot to save your customer money and encourage solar spending, thus differentiating yourself from the competition.

Here's how to begin that conversation with your customers:

1. Education first. Educate your clients on what tax credits can do for them. Because it's not well-publicized anymore, many of them won't know. Remember, your customer can't buy if they don't understand their options.
2. Offer a follow-up just about tax credits. Offer to follow up with your maintenance agreement customer to talk about savings options. It's another great way to build loyalty and further educate your customers.
3. Offer specials for tax credit customers. Reward customers that pay attention to your advice - especially since the tax credits are geared toward bigger spenders who would choose solar products.

For more on qualifications on the tax credits your customers can apply for, go to energystar.gov.

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