HVAC technician injuries: know and avoid them

An HVAC technician takes risks everyday. It's a job demanding of your physical health, but it doesn't have to be dangerous.

The following are the most common HVAC injuries and how to avoid them, according to HVACelectricaltrianing.com:

1. Heavy lifting strains

The equipment a technician deals with on a daily basis is heavy and no matter how much iron you've been pumping on the weekends, your muscles will want to give at a certain point.
Avoid it: Putting most of the weight on your legs, using them as your stabilizer. Whenever possible, use lifting helpers like dollies and carts.

2. Shoulder and neck injuries

Most HVAC work is done overhead or on elevated surfaces, which requires you to get into unusual positions. Over time, your shoulders and neck may get injured.
Avoid it: Exercise. It's important to do proper stretching and strength training. Also, ask your employer if braces and other safety equipment is available to their technicians.

3. Hand injuries

Aside from awkward positions and heavy lifting, your hands do most of the work - scrapes and burns will probably happen.
Avoid it: Wear gloves, when possible. When injury does happen, don't ignore it. Recognize when you might need stitches and clean all wounds.

Also, keep updated on first-aid basics and your region's safety requirements.

Tell us: What steps do you take to avoid injury?

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