HVAC technician toolbox: Ready for winter?

Every HVAC technician needs to be prepared for cooler months, whether it's 40 degrees or a bone-chilling 10.

And I'm not talking about wearing a heavier coat on service calls.

Great HVAC technicians will:

1.    Be empathetic.

Your customers aren't really looking forward to your visit if their furnace or heating system broke down just in time for winter. Their first concern is saving money under sudden circumstances, and understanding that will make your visit more bearable. Be honest about the cost of fixing the current problem and lay out energy and money-saving options for the future. (It's not too late to cash in on the tax stimulus credit.)

2.    Emphasize maintenance.

November is the perfect time in most parts of the U.S. to get a pre-winter checkup. Discuss the benefits of regular maintenance and the long-term savings to your customers. This won't only raise your profitability, but will also build customer loyalty.

3.    Stay stocked.

Different seasons need different tools and equipment. Have all supplies needed for cooler month maintenance in your company vehicle - there's nothing more disappointing to a customer than having to schedule a revisit, therefore prolonging their problem. It's about comfort in your customer's business or home, and having the right tools at the right time means you can be known as that comfort provider.

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