HVAC technicians are the most valuable assets

HVAC technicians are more than tactical team members. They're extremely important to customer perception, reputation, and the bottom line. However, they don't often recognize themselves as valuable to the team.

I know that's not true, and here's how technicians can build value and move up in a company:

Reduce the "friction"

Streamline the process for customers. A customer doesn't want to deal with five people for a simple install or consultation. He or she wants visits at a minimum, simple options, and most of all - he or she wants what he or she wants. Keep team member involvement to a minimum and let the technician take the lead.

Listen, listen, and then, listen

Whether you're a selling technician or a tactical one, the most important thing to take away from this blog is listening to the customer. Sometimes this requires reading between the lines when a customer is unsure about what is going on (but doesn't say so).

When in doubt, be polite

If you're not sure about the customer's comfort level, always revert to politeness. That way, the customer won't be able to complain about how you handled the call.

Know your products and industry

While you're listening, you should be prepared to answer any question without jargon. If your company doesn't offer HVAC training, ask for it or seek out fairly inexpensive webinars or short courses from your product's training programs. Knowing everything you possibly can about the industry will get you everywhere.

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