HVAC technicians as valuable team members

HVAC technicians can become a valuable member of the team with just a few simple steps - boosting their sales, customer service, and additional training.

Technician Sales

A technician is probably the best on-deck salesperson a company could have. You know what you're talking about, and you're the one face-to-face with customers at their homes and businesses. While on installation or routine maintenance calls, be sure to promote other options they have (you're more likely to sell while giving advice than a regular salesperson would on a cold call).

Customer Service

Above all else, just be on your best customer service behavior - offer helpful options to customers, be courteous and respectful, and anticipate questions you'll know the answer to.

NATE Certification

This North American Technician Excellence certification is what tells people that you take pride in your work, and have gone a step further in an extra training program along with continuing education courses. It builds credibility and adds value to your position.

Additional Training

There's nothing better or more effective than additional training (aside from your start-up) to add value to your and your customers' experiences. Perhaps it's learning how to better deal with difficult customers, or how to better integrate yourself with your team - all can be done in-person, via webinar, or with e-learning courses.

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