HVAC training for real profit

HVAC training throughout your entire organization is something I preach about often, but why? Because I know it will turn over the sales revenue you're looking for.

The industry always has a down season, but HVAC training will be the fuel that keeps the revenue flowing. Here's why:

Happy employees make happy customers

Happy customers also make loyal customers. Think about it: if your service call people are passionate and happy about what they're doing, it reflects on how well they perform the job, and their troubleshooting and presentation skills.

Action item: Train your entire organization on customer service techniques.

Learn how to standardize your process

Our Master Selling course argues that many HVAC sales are about the same; so wouldn't that class make your best sales team yet more efficient? There's a standard timeline for each sale, so provide tools that make it that much easier (such as the sales lead tracking tool or appropriate courses.)

Action item: Enroll your salespeople in a multi-week course every year to motivate.

Expertise that can be sold

A well-trained team is one that's constantly evolving its job descriptions. Is your salesperson really a comfort advisor? Is your technician NATE certified? Think about how to push those traditional industry positions into ones that can be used for a higher purpose (and a higher price for services).

Action item: Pay attention to what your core strengths are, as well as those of the individuals that have a stake in your organization; train accordingly.

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