HVAC training isn't just for the employed

HVAC training doesn't have to be a company-mandated activity. It can also be an initiative you take on by yourself between jobs.

It's also an advantage when you're competing against other HVAC technicians, salesmen, and businessmen also looking for the next best job. So, before stepping outside to get on with the job hunt, consider taking a few continuing education or refresher courses and update your resume with your newly acquired skills.

NATE advantage

NATE certification (North American Technician Excellence) is a huge hiring incentive for HVAC companies. Those who earn the certification can become specialized in several areas that they regularly deal with on the job. It's also an industry standard that will build your customer base and credibility.

Those who want to get NATE certified go through a series of tests and must take continuing education courses to complete the certification.

The best part? You can do this while you're on the job hunt, and it might just help you snag a lucrative deal that you may not have had.

And you can get prepared from the comfort of your home online - e-learning classes are available to expand your knowledge and improve your "it factor" with potential employers.

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