HVAC training: make it work for your budget

HVAC training can work on a tight budget (it has to), and here's why: when you take training away, you rob your employees of the growth they need to sustain the overall financial health of the company.

But I'm aware that it must realistically work with the bottom line. Here are my suggestions for making sure you're getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to HVAC training:

Consider a retainer-based Learning Management System subscription

Get access to hundreds of courses that can be taken at any time by any member of your team with a Learning Management System. Not only is it convenient online training for anyone who needs a refresher, it sends out a "progress report" for managers to monitor the employee performance.

Only sign up for essential training

Know exactly what your team needs to work on, and perform regular evaluations to understand what your technicians and salespeople don't know. Then you'll be able to target your HVAC training instead of casting a wide net.

Calculate timing by experience level and profession

Every new employee will need HVAC training, but try to space out the veterans and set benchmarks by job and seniority.


Realize ROI benefits

$5,000 seems expensive upfront, but your employee will usually double his or her closing rate in just a few months post-training. The cost of no training? Turnover, which costs the company about $10,000 per employee.

Remember: if you stop training, you stop growth. When you stop growth, you start stepping backwards. If you want to stay ahead of the curve (especially when the economy regains momentum), you must work consistent training into the budget.

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