HVAC training programs that work

Get the most out of HVAC training with tools for measurement from the beginning. Many businesses purchase startup employee training, but fail to follow up on what the employee learned or measure their successes at 3-month intervals.

Some businesses invest in HVAC training and then fail to measure success, so when the question of ROI comes up by year's end, they have no answer.

Here are a few tips to implement an HVAC training program that truly produces ROI worth mentioning.

Train smart

Is it economical or efficient to send the entire team to a certain type of training? Focus your HVAC training program by mapping out which employees need particular training at specific times. For example, quarterly training might work best with schedules and keep everyone on task. However, half of your ROI on training will be knowing who to put in training at what time.

Set goals

Determine what closing rate (Need a formula? Start here.) a salesperson should have by the six-month mark after a startup training series. Conduct performance reviews for managers each quarter. Without these benchmarks, you'll have no idea what training did for your employees.

Create opportunity for implementation

HVAC training fails if employees don't implement what they've learned, so be sure to give them opportunities to integrate new practices. For example, let a technician take some calls by his or herself and monitor them with the GPS and/or customer feedback. There must be an element of trust during the implementation stage of HVAC training.

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