Integrating a training program into the "everyday"

You've signed your employees up for training courses - now what? Without backup support, the confidence gained from employee training can't be effectively maintained.

Implementing a training program is half the battle, and here's how you can make those growing pains a little easier everyday.

Open communication among new and old
There's something to be learned from the vets of the company - and it's a great leadership opportunity for your most loyal employees. Open up this line of communication and benefit from a built-in training team. Note: don't let old Bob take the place of a professional training program.

Be flexible
Your program should have many components, and it's important to be flexible as other duties, on-the-job emergencies, and schedules arise. Also, be sure to mix online training with onsite visits, ride-alongs, and classroom training.

Ask for feedback
Just as important as giving feedback is receiving it - to make the program better. Perhaps an employee will tell you he or she didn't get what they expected out of a course or that the instructor didn't explain the objectives clearly. Leverage feedback to make the program more robust.

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