Introducing yourself to customers

First impressions say it all. Make it worth something.

In a recent article from, Jeff describes a personal account of how a new acquaintance in a non-business setting can quickly turn into an adverse one.

He describes his new acquaintance as over-zealous and full of himself as he over-indulged in his personal introduction. This is the exact opposite of what you want your first impression with someone to be. Here are a few things to keep in mind next time you introduce yourself:

Shortness is a virtue: Long drawn out introductions lose focus from the meeting's purpose. Keep your introduction concise and friendly, showing genuine interest in your customer.

The handshake: Ever experience one of those "dead fish" handshakes? What was your impression of that person? Offer instead a firm handshake with solid eye contact. It gives the customer confidence in you.

Focus on the customer: Avoid long and over-explained personal questions they might ask you out of friendliness - the focus should be on them majority of the time.

Silence is golden: Actively listening to your customer is the key connection to not only a solid impression but to ensure you understand exactly what they need help with. Great customer service can always be shown through listening to you customer's needs or just friendly chat, making them feel like they are your No. 1 priority.

How do you think more people can make a better first impression?

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