Investing in technology to cut HVAC business costs

Making a one-time investment in technology for your HVAC business may seem expensive, but, in the long run, it can be extremely cost effective.

Consider the ways in which technology can save your business money (and time):

Invest in a good system

Windows PCs have a low up-front cost, but Macs are less expensive in the long run, says this article. Macs are even less likely to crash during an important house call. They are also less susceptible to viruses, and fewer viruses means less down time for your HVAC business. Don't be drawn to the low cost of a PC; the hidden costs of add-ons for your business can easily surpass the price of a Mac.

Forget desktops and use a dumb terminal

Depending on your business needs, you may be able to work from a dumb terminal or thin client. If you only need to access simple programs like the Internet, e-mail and a few other important programs, then this may be right for you. It works on its own server so you have more control over your data while requiring less maintenance than a desktop connected to a remote server.

What technology investments have you made to cut business costs?

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