Is 'old Bob' really measuring up?

When's the last time you checked up on 10-year veteran technician Bob's skills? Using these tips, learn how to create your own in-house certification and inspire other technicians to become certified.

Create your own certification

Reconnect with tenured employees by offering a company-specific certification. Revamping their understanding of customer service, company roots, and peer interaction will not only keep them happy and on their game, but remind them of what should be important in the technician-customer experience.

To create your own certification, cover all aspects of the business from beginning to end:

  • Customer service: How are your customers greeted on a call? Is there a specific script? What is the procedure for financial transactions and paperwork? How are unhappy customers handled?
  • Product familiarity: What's new on the market and why is it important to your company? How does this model vary in function and finance from "old faithful models" that have been on the market longer?
  • Service procedures: How many people should be on a ladder at one time? Can technicians smoke in uniform? How do you contain dirty or used service parts? Run over service procedures to cement positive work ethic and uniformed work guidelines to 'old Bob.' 

Reward for renewed certification

Whether you create your own company-specific certification or have your employees participate in formal programs like NATE certifications, rewarding longtime employees' efforts and dedication to the company is incredibly important.

  • Display renewal certifications in office to inspire other technicians to do the same
  • Set a reminder for technicians to renew their certifications or begin the company certification program
  • Announce certification participants at quarterly meetings for a pat on the back

How do you motivate your company's 'old Bob?'

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