Is your HVAC business mission effective?

Your HVAC business needs a mission statement - it's the roadmap for your company and everyone should know it. It should be simple, to the point, and something every employee can live up to. One great statement could become your company's mantra, or something that your customers know to identify you with.

It's about building trust, and helping your company feel like a family. However, a mission isn't a mission without follow-through and regular communication of that to your employees:

1. Hire people with a common goal.

Research on successful workplace partnerships shows that sharing a common goal is the key to success. For this to work, everyone has to truly support that goal and keep their "eyes on the prize."

2. Communicate and trust each other.

Ever worked at a place that clearly didn't trust its employees? I bet you saw high turnover. Rational, hard-working people deserve and appreciate two-way respect. The best way to trust each other is to communicate any problems and even engage in general conversation.

3. Don't be selfish.

You're guaranteed to fail if one seeks personal glory over the others. It's about wanting the best for the greater whole, instead of working for oneself. The mentality should be "it's our company" instead of "it's my company."

Tell us: How did you accomplish your biggest goal through teamwork?

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