Is your HVAC business truly ready for a technology upgrade?

It seems that we are constantly bombarded with messages with the latest technology and why it's important for HVAC businesses to adapt to it. Tablets can help you organize customer information and make sales presentations seamless. Advanced GPS can speed up the dispatching process and help HVAC business owners track efficiency.

Well, what if your business isn't ready?

Adopting technology too soon could be your demise. Here's why:

Lack of day-to-day training could cause lost sales.

When you're onboarding new technology that changes the way every person in your HVAC company operates, it's not a one-day process. It takes time to learn outside of the classroom.

Is your technician used to loading forms necessary to complete the job? Is your salesperson ready to seamlessly load the sales presentation? That's assuming the technology works correctly. Is every person prepared to troubleshoot, should something go wrong? One technology fumble in front of the customer could make them second-guess whether or not your company was a good choice.

Carelessness in new technology integration could cause headaches down the road.

Technology integration should be tested from all angles - think through the what-ifs, test all situations without the customer, and always have a backup on hand in case technology fails you (and it will at some point).

Slow integration is the key, as well as researching what a particular technology will do for your business before you invest time and money into a technology that might pass by tomorrow.

Technology is on our minds, too. Take a look at our online courses, particularly Utilizing Technology in Service.

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