Is your HVAC sales follow-up ratio flat?

HVAC sales follow-ups can drastically change your closing rate. By measuring with a sales lead tracking tool, you can see your progress and maintain a 100% follow-up ratio across the board.

Here are a few tips for keeping up on your follow-ups:

Follow up consistently

Your chances of closing the sale can increase by 50% - if you call every customer back. Don't be a fool by judging the likelihood of a sale by the number of questions a customer asks or the amount of enthusiasm shown.

Be available

It's a fine line between annoying and barely there. I recommend one week's time to follow up with customers. They'll have enough time to think through the decision, but won't forget who you are.

Also, don't pass your sale along to another representative (should your company be that large). You originated the sale, so finish it. Rapport with one point of contact goes a long way.

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