Is your staff large enough?

While much of the HVAC industry is filled with smaller businesses, that doesn't mean a small staff will cover your needs. This all depends on several factors - is your business established or are you just starting to hire additional help?

  • Technicians: Do all of your technicians get to their required job sites on time in one day? Is it impossible, or is lateness preventable? Ideally, a technician should be only over-capacitated by one or two clients. Anything over will give you angry customers.
  • Salespeople: This truly depends on the rate of new sales and how effective your salespeople are. How much revenue do they bring in? The bottom line always determines whether or not new employees are needed.
  • Managers: 5-6 people per manager is an ideal range. Communication tends to be better. However, be careful with your management roles. In small businesses, managers tend to do too many jobs at once. Keep a clear focus for best results.

How big is your HVAC business and how do you keep it running efficiently?

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