Keep 'heated' customers cool this summer

Your customer's air conditioner is out on the hottest day of summer. Customer tempers flair and it's your job to keep them calm, collected, and most importantly: cool.

As basic as it sounds, the number one tool for positive customer service is listening. Hear your customer out - what can you do for them? Assess the situation and get to work - with a smile. That's what white-glove service is about.

Keep these tips in mind when confronted with a flustered customer:

  • Stay true to your company's promise. Does your company promote offers like 24-hour customer service or same-day service (and do you actually commit)? Can your team service the promotions you offer?
  • Common courtesy. Are your service technicians pros at keeping the basic courtesies of customer service on point? Arriving on time, being in correct uniform, and having a courteous demeanor is just the starting line for a "cool" customer experience.
  • Preparation. Is your truck prepared for a multiple visit workday? Are your tools clean and working? If you have to leave a job and return with additional materials, make sure it's worthwhile for both you and the customer by offering good customer service, understanding of your customer's schedule and their immediate needs.

How do you offer the best service on the hottest days?

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